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Getting Started with Pathomx 08.12.2014

This is quick start-up guide for new users of Pathomx. Following it should give you everything that you need to know to start using Pathomx right away. Once you’ve been through the basics you might like to see some of the demos to see what Pathomx is capable of ...

PyQtConfig: A simple API for keeping your PyQt Widgets and config in sync 21.11.2014

Introducing PyQtConfig: a simple API for handling, persisting and synchronising configuration within PyQt applications. This module was built initially as part of the Pathomx data analysis platform but spun out into a standalone module when it became clear it was quite useful. This post gives a brief overview of the ...

Pathomx v3.0.2 released 26.10.2014

Pathomx v3.0.2 has been released for both Windows and MacOS X. This marks the first stable, bug-fixed release for the v3.0 line featuring the new IPython-kernel with cluster support for parallel processing of tools.

Pathomx v3.0.0 Release Candidate 2 07.10.2014

The final release candidate for Pathomx v3.0.0 is available for both Mac and Windows. This latest version features the new IPython backend providing parallel processing (via IPython ipcluster support), numerous bugfixes and improvements to the UI and figure outputs. While a development version it is considered stable enough for regular use. If you’re a current user of Pathomx, please download and test with your own hardware and data, see how it holds up and then report any problems!

Pathomx v3.0.0alpha4 for Mac 15.07.2014

A development version of Pathomx v3.0.0-alpha4 is now available as a installable app for Mac. This latest version showcases the new IPython backend, with notebooks and reports.

PyQt5 support in Matplotlib 27.06.2014

My pull-request for matplotlib to add PyQt5 support has been accepted and merged, meaning PyQt5 support will be available in the upcoming v1.4.0 release of matplotlib.

BioCyc Web API for Python 24.05.2014

Today I’ve released Python module BioCyc that provides an interface to the BioCyc Web API. Acting as a wrapper it queries the database and then presents the XML returned in a pythonic object-based interface. Support for IPython views is included offering nice summary tables of object attributes.

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