Multithreading PyQt applications with QThreadPool

A common problem when building GUI applications is "locking up" of the interface when attempting to perform long-running background tasks. In this tutorial I'll cover one of the simplest way to achieve concurrent execution in PyQt. More

QColorButton: A color-selector tool for PyQt  intermediate

Below is a short snippet to implement a color-picker attached to a button in Qt. Clicking on the button pops up a dialog (native) to select a color. The color is shown by the color of the button face. A right-click option is included to allow clearing of the color ... More

cx_Freeze and PySide on Mac  mac

I'd had success using py2app for building Mac binaries for distribution but wanted to give cx_Freeze a go since it's cross platform - allowing builds for Windows, Linux, and more. Unfortunately, attempting to build using cx_Freeze was resulting in errors: libpyside-python2.7.1.1.dylib: No such file or ... More