Pathomx v3.0.0 Release Candidate 2

The final release candidate for Pathomx v3.0.0 is available for both Mac and Windows. This latest version features the new IPython backend providing parallel processing (via IPython ipcluster support), numerous bugfixes and improvements to the UI and figure outputs. While a development version it is considered stable enough for regular use.

If you're a current user of Pathomx, please download and test with your own hardware and data, see how it holds up and then report any problems!

What's new in v3.0.0rc2

New and improved user-interface offering quick access to tool configuration and output figures/data.


Improved workflow editor with status-aware connectors and I/O ports to show calculation outcomes.


Support for IPython ipcluster based parallel processing for complex workflows/tools.


IPython-notebook _repr_html_ aware visualisation of workspace variables.


Inline per-tool code editor. Modify tool code to customise behaviour for your needs.


Per-tool status, progress and error output.


Latest features

Scroll pHAT Tetris  raspberry-pi

The Scroll pHAT is a little 11x5 (55) white LED matrix pHAT which you can control easily from a Raspberry Pi. In this project we'll squeeze a tiny-yet-playable game of Tetris onto the Scroll pHAT. More

Pathomx v3.0.0alpha4 for Mac

A development version of Pathomx v3.0.0-alpha4 is now available as a installable app for Mac. This latest version showcases the new IPython backend, with notebooks and reports. More


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