Pathomx v2.5.0 released

Pathomx v2.5.0 has been released for both Windows and MacOS X.


This latest version adds a number of important features over the previous releases:

  • Annotations for the workflow editor allow you to mark areas of the workflow and add descriptive notes
  • Snap to grid, show/hide grid and workflow-image export
  • Improvements to spectra-plot annotations
  • Support for European-style semicolon-delimited CSV and format autodetection
  • Legacy tool import filters allowing modified tools to provide a backwards-compatible interface for loading
  • Fixes for PCA/PLS-DA on >2 components
  • A number of small performance improvements and bugfixes

Download it and try it out!

More demos, walkthroughs and sample datasets are coming soon, and latests versions of Pathomx are available from the downloads page. Feedback and bug-reports are always welcome.

Note: There have been reports of problems upgrading from version 2.3.0 to 2.4.0+ on Windows. If you experience issues, uninstall the previous version and re-install the latest download to resolve the issue.

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Pathomx v3.0.2 released

Pathomx v3.0.2 has been released for both Windows and MacOS X. This marks the first stable, bug-fixed release for the v3.0 line featuring the new IPython-kernel with cluster support for parallel processing of tools. More


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