Pathomx (née MetaPath) v2.2.0 released

MetaPath is now named Pathomx, reflecting the focus on analysis of multi-omics data within pathway contexts. Pathomx v2.2.0 has also been released for both Windows and MacOS X.


This latest version adds a number of important features over the previous releases:

  • A new name — Pathomx — reflecting pathway-centered analysis of multi-omics data

  • Interactive figures allowing for zooming and panning through displayed datasets.

  • Sidebar panels allowing easier configuration of tool settings with on-the-fly recalculation

  • A selection of new tools including baseline correction and autophasing for NMR spectra

Download it and try it out!

I have been busy adding demos, walkthroughs and sample datasets since the last release. A set of default/demo workflows is also being constructed allowing simpler setup for processing multiple types of data. More information is also available on the website, and latests versions of Pathomx are available from the downloads page. Feedback and bug-reports are always welcome.

Latest features

Scroll pHAT Tetris  raspberry-pi

The Scroll pHAT is a little 11x5 (55) white LED matrix pHAT which you can control easily from a Raspberry Pi. In this project we'll squeeze a tiny-yet-playable game of Tetris onto the Scroll pHAT. More

Pathomx v3.0.0alpha4 for Mac

A development version of Pathomx v3.0.0-alpha4 is now available as a installable app for Mac. This latest version showcases the new IPython backend, with notebooks and reports. More


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