MetaPath v1.0.0 released

MetaPath v1.0.0 has been released today for both Windows and MacOS X. In addition, MetaPath now has its own website for updates, demos, plugins and more.

This latest version of MetaPath adds a number of important features over the previous v0.9 release:

  • Multi-threaded processing, allows multiple analysis steps to be performed in parallel.
  • Online plugin repository, with built-in installation and update system (more [plugins][metapath-plugins] coming soon).
  • Windows x64 build (Windows 7, Windows 8 compatible) with Linux and 32bit Windows to follow

You can download it and try it out.

We will be adding a number of demos, walkthroughs and sample datasets in the coming weeks. Latests versions of MetaPath are always available from the downloads page. Feedback and bug-reports are always welcome.


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